1930s dating rules

This was the man’s responsibility as he was the one doing the ‘courting’ and it was his responsibility that a good night was planned, and that he paid for everything.A lot of men insisted that they pay for a night out, and would usually suggest evening ideas.More luxurious gowns were kept and only worn for evenings.New fabrics were popping up all over the place, like metallic lame that was very popular at night and made to shimmer even more by adding plastic sequins and glass beads.

In fact if there is one distinct difference between the 1920s and 1930s face – it is the simple lack of rouge that these women had!(Really makes the word “Doll” stick out for this time period, doesn’t it!? Men’s suits were designed to inspire the appearance of a large upper body.(Because who would want to mess with your doll when you tower over someone!Now; these weren’t all for theater or actresses per se. Things including walking on the street side of the pavement and holding their date’s arm in theirs were protective customs that showed women that they were being taken care of.Plan and pay Women were never in charge of ‘planning’ a date.

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