Adult chat ipods

people signing up to the offer has recently spiked unsurprisngly due to increased publicity and purely due to the fact it is a real offer.

they can give free stuff away because they have a successful advertising model that advertisers value.

this one is legitimate however and is run by gratis internet, a well-known washington based customer acquisition company.

their goal is to link up with advertisers and publishers and then try to steer as many customers as possible in their direction.

in the end, you “may” receive a free ipod ( i am sure there will be some caveat/trick like they will say one of your friends supposedly didn't fullfill their part of the bargain ), but the hassle of having to cancel services (which will try very hard to sucker you back in) and receiving lots of crap in the mail is not worth it really.

i got a free subscription to the newspaper for a month 2 years ago, and after canceling that subscription, i still get about 2 phone calls a week asking if i want the service again. i'm having people sign up for the video professor offer (free turorial cd of their choice for .95 shipping) and then refunding their shipping.

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