Adult chat room network

As soon as my screen name, which includes my fake age, appears in the central room, smaller screens private messages from other people in the room start popping up in front of me. I'm not used to posing as a teen girl, I'm not used to lying, I'm not used to the lingo and I'm certainly not expecting to get a request for a picture two seconds into a conversation.

Hey cutie, says one private message that pops up seconds after I get into the room. The next day, my composure regained, I log back in.

The Media Awareness Network found the likelihood of young people visiting adult chat rooms increases with age, with 66 per cent of 15- to 17-year-olds visiting them.

These are the chat rooms whose names are too crude to publish.

Some will even send child pornography to children, to show them other people do it, and that it's no big deal.

The new luring law, which means people can't communicate with a person they believe to be under 14 years of age for a sexual purpose, has a maximum five-year sentence.

Looking to make your connection even more intimate?

Live out all of your fantasies in a virtual way, and share your deepest desires in a place where there is no judgment and the comfort of anonymity.The survey also found 25 per cent of young Internet users have been asked by someone they knew only on the Internet to meet in person.The likelihood of these meetings actually taking place increases with age.i don't know if that's what u r looking for or not. A few minutes and a supposed 30-year-old is asking a 13-year-old to meet in person for a sexual adventure. Most parents wouldn't allow their 12-year-old daughter to walk around the neighbourhood talking to strangers, yet they let them do it on the Internet.It's as if he is trying to get consent for what he wants. The Internet is a new place to prey on children and it eliminates many of the risks of hanging out at the schoolyard, Howe says.

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