Advice about dating in college

It is important to remember that your academic obligations should remain your number one priority while you are in college.

Relationships are a necessary part of your social development but upon graduation, it will be your grades that determine your ease in finding a job.

Other challenges include maintaining your academic performance as well as dealing with the relative smallness of a college campus.

Many college campuses are in fact microcosms of larger cities and operate fully functionally without much support from the outside.

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For some this phase teaches them what types of relationships are not worthwhile.

Those who are tempted by the lure of the freedom often burn out quickly and return to a more conservative attitude about dating.Being a college student, however, offers it's own unique set of challenges.Some of these challenges involve feeling overwhelmed by the amount of freedom that living on your own has to offer such as the freedom to date without parental restrictions and the availability of alcohol at college parties.For many students, college is their first experience of living on their own.This may tempt many college students to go wild and live recklessly but this is not advisable.

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