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The delivery charge is £7 for orders weighing less than a kilo, £8.99 for orders weighing up to 27kgs and £18.99 for up to 57kgs.

Thank you Aude for a brilliant job and for mentioning Afro Express.

We deliver throughout the United Kingdom and operate a 24Hours delivery service.

In Brixton, Electric Avenue is filled with grocery shops and off licences.Eating Afro-Caribbean food in restaurants can be time-consuming and not always convenient for busy Londoners.Unless you want plantain chips from Tesco or Sainsbury, African food is seldom available in big superstore chains.Afro Express only delivers inside London for the moment.Afrocarib is one of the very few online shops delivering not only to the UK, but also mainland Europe, the USA and Canada as well (easier to do business). In the UK the delivery can take from one to five days.

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