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The Mistresses sit around the bed, in the dimly lit room, and watch whilst you entertain them with your barely-refrained boy horn.

The Mistresses all wear their finest and meanest strapons, because they can’t contain their desire to fuck and spit roast so many eager male pussies. Contact Ms Tytania for all enquiries and for payment details: [email protected] & 7pm Tue 10 April ~ BIRMINGHAM, Strap-On Parties with Goddess Cleo, Mistress Absolute, Mistress Rebekka Raynor, featuring LOCAL LEGENDS Zara Du Rose, and Mistress Katerina! Domina Parties is back in the Midlands with another exclusive version of our large, popular Strap-On / Forced Bi play parties.

From 11am Tue 3 April ~ LONDON Extended Bondage Day!

The perfect experience for the long-term bondage enthusiast.

Later, a big bukkake scene will take place, all under the Mistresses’ orders and instructions. We run 2 in one afternoon and evening: 3-5pm / 6-8 pm. These parties are very suited to the beginner looking to release their inner whore, as well as being right up the alley of the most conditioned sluts around.

This is real, unbound, uncensored, boy on boy slutty magic for the ladies’ viewing pleasure. Get your ass to one of our parties and we guarantee you’ll have a buttload of fun! SPECIAL EVENT 4.30pm Tue 10 April ~ BIRMINGHAM, Forced Bi Party!

3pm & 6pm Thu 5 April ~ “Slut Bed Of Shame” LONDON with Ms Tytania, Goddess Cleo, Mistress Rebekka Raynor and Ms Theda Vamp – Multi Mistress Forced-Bi Event, LONDON! After introducing yourself to the Mistresses, you are led into the Master Bedroom where very soon a bunch of other boys will be cavorting on the king size bed – groping, stroking, caressing, fondling, tasting, sucking, deep-throating real cock, hard for your male attention.

Have you ever wanted to experience being on complete lockdown in a cell, a cage, an isolation unit, or cupboard, whilst being beaten, broken, tormented and quite possibly tortured by beautiful, strict, Dominant women? £60 per hour – minimum of 2 hours / £200 – half day / £350 – full day / £400 – overnight.

Be incarcerated by Chief Warden Goddess Cleo and her Duty Wardens, Mistress Absolute and Ms Hayley Bond who may decide to handcuff you on the floor, saran wrap you to the bench and watch you struggle, put you in a straight jacket if you misbehave, or strap you down to the bed with hospital grade restraints if you attempt to escape…

And with so many great ladies in attendance we certainly do mean HEFTY! For more details on the best Strap On parties in London, see HERE and to request attendance visit HERE to sign up. 2pm Thu 26 April ~ “Beautifully Destroyed” – Multi Mistress Party, LONDON!

There will be a huge bunch of Strap Ons and other various, delicious bum-toys to violate every available orifice, and if you’re lucky a Bull Master may also make a speical appearance for some opt-in Forced Bi fun! Join Goddess Cleo and her gorgeous friends for some sweet, strict, sensual, sadism!

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