Antonio banderas dating history

He wears over his bald head a sparse netted gray wig, since Picasso had Dr Phil pattern baldness and Banderas still has a full head of hair.

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“Ay, was he crazy.” He is dressed for the day’s scenes in a tank top under a silk button-down shirt and trousers hiked up to around his fourth rib, a particular kind of European old-man fashion.

They worried that they’d have to persuade him to play the part, but he jumped up (pop! He had recently happened upon the first season of, which takes place over 10 episodes, is shot during two eras: Picasso’s youth, and his old age.

In his younger days, he is played by Alex Rich, who does a Picasso impression that is actually an Antonio Banderas impression. And I remember visiting Houston and going there and me doing my eyes like this.” He makes his eyes big and full of disbelief. “These people that invent Googles and Apples and all these companies, they put heart in the skies.

Picasso, on the other hand, said that “women are machines for suffering” and that, to him, they were either “goddesses or doormats”.

addresses the artist’s misogyny as much as his art.

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