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    B-411904: Nov 12, 2015) (pdf) In its report responding to the protest, the agency provided the protester and our Office with a copy of the J&A signed by the contracting officer on June 8, with the cemetery s estimate documentation attached. Further, in response to an inquiry by this office seeking clarification of the contracting officer's role in preparing the June 4 requisition request, the contracting officer again referred to the award to Green Wave as a sole source award, notwithstanding that the signed statement also indicated that the contracting officer solicited four vendors in connection with the requirement. When citing an unusual and compelling urgency, the agency is required to request offers from as many potential sources as is practical under the circumstances. In contrast, since Phoenix did not submit a quote in response to the April 10 solicitation, the agency was unsure as to Phoenix s capability. 2304(c)(2); Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 6.302-2. CICA requires that agencies solicit offers from as many potential sources as is practicable when using the unusual and compelling urgency exception to limit competition. CSS also asserts that the Aegir seal is in use on commercial ships, including ships with the specific Wartsila 4AS system used on the T-AO oilers, as well as on four Navy ships. While CSS refers to the 2002 tests on an Aegir seal as support for its claim of equivalence to the Wartsila seal here, CSS has not convincingly rebutted the agencys determination that the earlier test was not relevant because it concerned an Aegir seal with a different formulation than the seal proposed here. Nor has the protester shown to be unreasonable the Navys determination, based on the results of the agencys 2010 study, that the 2009 test referenced by CSS revealed differences in characteristics between the seals which resulted in superior operational performance on the part of the Wartsila seal. Finally, while it appears that Aegir seals have been installed in Wartsila tube seal systems, CSS has not shown the Navy to be unreasonable in concluding that significant differences in characteristics and usage bar its use here. Navy Fact File, Fleet Ocean Tugs, T-ATF; Fleet Replenishment Oilers, T-AO. Furthermore, the agency emphasizes that CSS has furnished no operational data showing that the maintenance and replacement requirements, usage, and reliability of the Aegir seals installed in Wartsila tube seal systems on commercial ships match that expected and required with respect to the T-AO class oilers. In sum, CSS has not shown to be unreasonable the Navys conclusion that it lacked adequate data to conduct a competitive procurement, and the agencys resulting determination to undertake the brand name procurement of OEM seals, especially in light of the Navys claim that a failure of this equipment could have serious consequences for deployed military forces. Although CICA requires that agencies solicit offers from as many potential sources as is practicable when using the unusual and compelling urgency exception to limit competition, 10 U. As described above and as pointed out by the agency, the record evidences that the agency has consistently tried to use the competitive process to award a contract for the services required here. Additionally, under circumstances involving a critical need of items related to human safety and affecting military readiness during wartime, the agency need only consider those sources which can immediately satisfy its requirements and not those which have the potential to do so. The reasonableness of the contracting activity's judgments must be considered in the context of the time when they were made and the information that was available at that time. 1, Declaration of Argon's Director of Imaging Systems (July 8, 2010), at 1. Argon adds in its protest that during the Industry Day it had informed the Navy that Argon "had been selected [by the Navy] to supply Cerberus Tactical Long Range Systems and were currently building units which are a very close variant to the [G‑BOSS Lite] system," and "[DELETED]." Protest at 4. See Protest at 1; Missouri Machinery Answers to GAO Questions, Sept. Missouri Machinery states that these pumps, which have been on the market for many years, are not complex, high‑technology items that require proprietary data to perform repairs and overhaul. While the agency does not deny that Missouri Machinery has successfully performed past contracts to repair and overhaul these pumps, it suggests that Missouri Machinery will need more time to repair and overhaul pumps than would an authorized repair facility (allegedly 4 to 5 times the number of hours according to the contracting officer and 7 times according to the COTR). In this regard, the RFQ provides for a long time frame for repair and overhaul, and further states that the repaired pumps will be warehoused for as long as 2 years. In addition, while a longer repair time may well cause Missouri Machinery's quote to be less likely to prevail in a competition--for example, by increasing its labor costs--this issue does not provide a basis for excluding the company before the competition is underway. 2304(c)(1); HEROS, Inc., B-292043, June 9, 2003, 2003 CPD para. In this regard, when a contracting agency restricts a contract to an approved product or source, and uses a qualification requirement, it must give other potential offerors a reasonable opportunity to qualify; however, there is no requirement that an agency delay a procurement in order to provide an offeror an opportunity to demonstrate its qualifications.

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