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Did the business implement an advertising campaign? Provide the agent with information or plans that outline the business’s plan to increase profitability in subsequent years.

Provide evidence that shows the business has had profitable years in the past.

If the income was not reported, the agent may request an audit of the ABC return.

In addition to DIF scoring and examination referrals, the IRS matches income reported by the payer on 1099 or W-2 forms to the payee’s individual tax return to ensure the income is reported.

Download the The Young Entrepreneur Reinvestment Act (House Bill 2897), effective July 1, 2016 (West Virginia Code §59-1-2c), was passed and provides that any incorporator of an incorporation, member of a limited liability company, or partner of a partnership who is a West Virginia resident and is under thirty (30) years of age may have their initial filing fee waived by the Office of Secretary of State, if formed between July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2018.

To take advantage of the fee waiver you must complete the Young Entrepreneurs Act Filing Fee Waiver Request (Form is not currently configured to grant the fee waiver when completing an online business registration.

According to the Internal Revenue Code Section 183, deductions are limited when an activity is not engaged in for profit.

There are many reasons a tax return could be chosen for an audit, including the following.Following are four small-business strategies for beating an IRS audit.As an IRS agent, one issue that continued to surface during audits was whether business activity was considered a hobby for tax purposes.The IRS allows for a standard deduction rate of 55 cents per mile traveled.Or the business can choose to deduct actual car expenses, such as insurance, repairs, gasoline and oil.

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