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The program would also exclude arterial streets, such as Table Mesa Drive, Broadway or Folsom Avenue, which primarily are used by drivers passing through.

Eligibility would be limited to blocks where data shows 85 percent of vehicles travel at speeds greater than 3 miles per hour above the posted speed limit.

"We've tried to handle speeding traffic through educational tools and enforcement, and not through building physical mitigation," said Bill Cowern, the city's lead traffic engineer.

"This is an effort to bring that back, to acknowledge that we're not seeing the results that we would want to see, in terms of getting fewer people to speed on residential streets, simply through enforcement and education." The city Transportation Advisory Board voted Monday night to recommend the program's adoption, and the Boulder City Council is schedule to deliberate on the matter starting Aug. Under the current proposal, the city would allot 0,000 per year for the program — about half, or more, of which would be spent on actual engineering.

City staff say they hope that previous processes by which neighbors applied for traffic mitigation were more complicated than city staff hopes the new program would prove to be.

"It was a very bureaucratic program before," Cowern said.

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