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The only thing she didn’t know was what his face really looked like – or if she was ever going to see it in real life.Yep, their interaction was more of an e-teraction, trapped in the Tinder-sphere.You’ll only hear from him when it’s convenient.” And if men are treating Tinder like a game, a few are taking the practice element seriously.“When I first joined I’d message matches purely to improve my game.We might be writing on a touchpad instead of paper, but the pen pal concept is definitely back.“Pen pals let us relate to other people on a pared-back emotional level without the distraction of surface characteristics, such as age, socioeconomic status or dress sense.“They might be enjoying the online connection so much that they don’t want to burst that lovely bubble with reality.” This is something that dating blogger Tinderella ( found when she eventually met up with her Tinder pen pal.

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She was stuck in the electronic age’s version of the dreaded dating friend-zone and she is one of many women on the receiving end of the guys doing it.

I’ve never actually managed to go on a date with one.” After being strung along by a series of pen pals, Caroline, 32, has called time.

“I’ve got to the point where I’m like, so, James or Tim or whoever, it’s been nice telling you how I am every few days for three months, but, it’s over.

Even if someone’s first reason for joining Tinder was motivated by self-esteem, if a great connection smacks you in the face (well, screen), why not meet each other?

“Men fear they won’t live up to the image they’ve created online and want to avoid the rejection that could go along with that,” says Dr Johnson.

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