Can you restore ipod without updating software

When prompted by i Tunes, select the option to restore your settings, or - Right-click (or Control-click) the device, and choose Restore from Backup.” If you want to do a full software restore on your i Phone / i Pod touch, these are all the steps Apple says you will have to check off the list before you get your i Phone / i Pod touch to factory condition: “1. Once your i Pod touch or i Phone is restored and, in the case of the i Phone, in the process of activating, you should be able to see the following in i Tunes: Select the backup you want for your i Phone or i Pod touch and select the Continue button in order to complete your device's restoration.

Make sure you have the latest version of i Tunes installed and running before attempting to update. Connect your i Phone or i Pod touch to your computer. Select your i Phone or i Pod touch when it appears in i Tunes under Devices. If you do not want to restore from backup, select "Set up as new…" If you want to preserve previous backups that i Tunes has made, be sure to back up the appropriate directory before choosing to set up as new.” IMPORTANT: Each time you want to restore your i Phone / i Pod touch device, Apple highly recommends you first perform a sync so that i Tunes can back up any changes since your last sync.

First of all, if you want to be certain you will get the best results possible, you have to always make sure that the i Tunes software installed on your Mac is the latest version available on Apple’s website.

Another thing you will have to remember before attempting to either update or back up/restore your i Phone/i Pod touch is to have i Tunes running.

If you do not want to restore your i Phone / i Pod touch to the factory settings, you should restore from a backup. If [you] have just backed up the device, it is not necessary to create another. Select the Restore option when i Tunes prompts you (As long as you've backed up your device, you should not have to worry about restoring your phone). Once the restore process has completed the i Phone or i Pod touch restarts and displays the Apple logo while starting up: i Phone only: For the i Phone only, after a restore, the i Phone displays the ‘Connect to i Tunes’ screen.

According to Apple, to be able to do that, you should use one of the following methods after you connect your i Phone / i Pod touch to the Mac you usually sync your device with: "- In i Tunes, select the device, then select the Summary tab and click Restore (this deletes all data on i Phone and restores to factory settings). Keep your device connected until the ‘Connect to i Tunes’ screen goes away or you see ‘i Phone is activated.’ If i Tunes does not have an Internet connection, you cannot complete this step. The final step is to restore your i Phone or i Pod touch from a previous backup.

IMPORTANT: If you want to restore your i Phone/i Pod touch, you have to make sure you first do a backup because the i Tunes software will not be able to restore any settings from backup if you have not performed at least one backup prior to accessing the restore feature.

The first and most important thing you should know about restoring your device is that this operation will delete all your data from the i Phone / i Pod touch you want to restore.

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Choose "Recover from i Cloud Backup File" mode on the left side menus. After it, click "Next" button in the pop-up window to extract the downloaded backup file.

The deleted data will include contacts, calendar information, songs, videos, photos, and any other data that was not on the device when it left the factory.

In other words, all the i Phone or i Pod touch settings will be automatically reverted to their factory condition. When prompted to back up your i Phone or i Pod touch's settings before restoring, select the Back Up option (as seen in the image below).

As you might have already guessed, Apple has published a support document that explains how to use i Tunes to update, back up, and/or restore an i Phone or an i Pod touch.

I read it for you and I will write down only the simple steps you will have to follow for performing those operations successfully.

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