Catholics jews dating

For instance, the Mormon begins to spend more and more time at the Mormon temple and finds out about the "men becoming gods" thing.

But he also finds out that he needs to be married to a Mormon woman for this to happen.

Many even refuse to believe, for instance, that Mormonism does in fact teach that our God used to be a man on some other planet out there, but by following Mormon ritual and rules he attained to godhood and was given this planet to rule over; and similarly, that Mormon men can one day become gods and be given their own planets to rule over. And again, I document very clearly on the Web site that such teachings are their official doctrines.

The problem is that many Mormonism are not even aware of these teachings.

I have even received emails telling me it is "ridiculous" or "silly" to say that there would be problems in such a relationship due to religious differences.

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I have the privilege - and the joy - of proclaiming the Bible readings for daily Mass to tens of thousands around the world.A good aid in this regard would be my Scripture Workbook.The bulk of this book presents the Scriptural basis for the "essentials of the faith" - the most important doctrines that define Christianity.But I address all of these issues in my book and in various articles on the Web site.The next step is to do some studying on what the other person's faith teaches.

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