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2) Your Indonesian girlfriend in an abnormal manner.

My ex (which I found out was cheating) was behaving very strangely with her phone: First, the screen was locked with a password.

If you have experienced or observed on other expat/bargirl couples some behaviours that could help other readers determine how sincere their relationship is, please feel free to share with us!

Overseas travel will expand your horizons, introduce new adventures and be a highlight of your life experience.

Don't expect a girl who did that kind of cheating to be nicer with you! The reason for that is simple: It's hard to be deceptive, and when someone's life is a lie, he cannot always find good excuses for everything.

She cannot keep track of all the lies she is saying because it is not possible for a normal human being. 5) Another sign that can help you see if the girl you are dating is having multiple boyfriends: She that make her mad/sad/depressed.

I remember my ex was very confuse about it: She was telling me about her Dutch guy with whom she had been for 3 years, her American guy she had dated for 2 and a half year, her German guy that she had loved for 4 years, etc.I don't think you should put to much emphasis on it, but still, if you have the feeling that for her . You feel that your Indonesian girl is not being faithful, for tons of reasons that adds up.You may be in love and you are doing everything you can to believe her lies, but it actually makes you feel down to think you can be that stupid.Travelling abroad requires a little more planning than domestic travel because you have to take various issues into consideration.Whether it’s your first time abroad or you’re a travel veteran it’s important to plan and prepare for a safe, successful overseas trip.

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