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And I loved having special treatment at school: “Excuse me Miss, I need to skip PE because I’ve got a trumpet lesson.”’ She played in Royston’s brass band, alongside Richard on his tuba, and for the National Youth Orchestra.

At Hills Road, she was so focused on her future and the post A-level scholarship she’d already won to Guildhall that she didn’t bother making friends. Alison had decided very young – at the age of nine, when she first heard the Swedish trumpet soloist Hakan Hardenberger (with whom she later studied) – that she wanted to be a soloist, not a bit-part in some orchestra’s brass section. While there’s a musical rapport when we’re playing, there’s no bonding.

‘I said to him, “I couldn’t ever do your job,” and he said, “I couldn’t do yours – and I do know what it is like.” He is a trained musician, you see, and changed careers later.

[And] there were huge work pressures on us.’ Today she says, ‘I did say I’d never talk about Edward again… Are they actual friends or just civilised co-parents?And if it didn’t go well, it might plant a seed of doubt in my head, which would affect the next performance.’ Is she superstitious?‘I haven’t got to the OCD stage, but there are things I do – like not walking on drain covers on the day of the concert.’ She smooths a strand of blonde hair from her face and laughs.‘I’d done concerts when I had missed my train connection, the orchestra sounded terrible, someone made life difficult for me, and I’d gone on and somehow made it work.I’ve survived those experiences and I think once you get to that point, then it’s a good time to introduce a child into the mix.’ But perhaps she underestimated the strains?

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