Cross references in word 2016 not updating

Step 2: After selecting the position click on the Insert tab and under the Links group click Cross-reference. Step 3: In Cross-reference dialog box, you will find two drop-down boxes Reference type: and Insert reference to:.First, you have to select the Reference type you want to link to your cross-reference. Step 4: After I select the Bookmark as my reference type, a list of bookmarks appears in the For which bookmark: scroll box.In the "For which bookmark" list at the bottom of the dialog box select the bookmark that you want to cross-reference to.Once you're happy with what you have there, click "Insert" and Word will insert the page number at the current cursor location.

Sometimes you’ll add a cross-reference to a figure or table, and part of it (the number usually) will display in bold text.A slightly more complicated task is cross-referencing numbered paragraphs.First off we're going to assume that you're correctly using Word's paragraph numbering capability.One feature that I get questions about is the cross-reference capability.This is the ability to insert text that references things like numbered paragraphs.

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