Cyber sex money

According to cyber experts, porn content is a major contributor in online revenue and there is a huge demand of Indian content which is pulling young couple to perform sex on demand.Several of these couples have been featured on world's top porn websites, with a subscriber base touching a million, an analysis of some adult sites by Mail Today's team found.An increasing number of Indian couples are engaging in live streaming of their sexual acts on porn websites for quick money, cyber experts have warned.According to an estimate, as many as 2,000 have been providing content to adult portals, performing stripping and sexual acts in exchange for digital currency.Hope everyone will be more wary of sexy looking foreign women writing in broken English and demand for contact details to conduct video or Skype call.

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They were wearing masks and played Bollywood music in their background and spoke in Hindi and English as per viewer demand.

Interpol’s Singapore-based digital crime investigator Sanjay Virmani said hundreds of extortion victims were located in Asia, Europe and the United States.

The scale of these extortion networks is massive and run with just one goal in mind — to make money regardless of the terrible emotional damage they inflict on their victims.

The recordings were made “unknown to the victim,” While cyber criminals will continue to plague social networking websites and look for unsuspecting victims, there are measures that can be taken to avoid becoming a victim of these types of scams.

Recordings used for blackmail The extortionists then threatened to send those recordings to relatives and friends of each user, unless they paid via money transfer remittance companies.

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