Dating addictive personality

People with very severe personality disorders are more likely to become addicts.Addictive substances usually stop primary and secondary neuroses, meaning people with personality disorders like the relief from their pain.They find it difficult to face stressful situations and fight hard to get out of such conditions.Long-term goals prove difficult to achieve because people with addictive personalities usually focus on the stress that comes with getting through the short-term goals.The first is the "winning phase" in which the person can still control his or her own behavior.Second comes the "losing phase" where the individual starts to gamble alone, borrowing cash and gambling large sums of money, compiling debt which he or she may not be able to pay off.

A gambler with an addictive personality goes through three stages.

Addictive individuals feel highly insecure when it comes to relationships.

They may often find it difficult to make commitments in relationships or trust their beloved because of the difficulty they find in achieving long-term goals.

Through the information that already exists on the personality's role in addictions, with a lot of emphasis on drugs and alcohol, a study from the National Academy of Sciences says that there is no single set of psychological characteristics that pertain to all addictions. This is different from substance abuse in that abuse of a substance is not really definable while substance addiction is a behavioral addiction where there is an overwhelming involvement with the use and buying of drugs or alcohol.

Another common addiction that may attract those with addictive personalities is gambling.

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