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Are everyday tasks a struggle due to focus issues, hyperactivity or an explosive temper?

Behavior struggles can affect school, home, relationships, and more.

I met a really cute and sweet guy, whom I met in person after a few days.

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As an individual who came from a broken family, my passion is to help support those looking to persevere and overcome such obstacles.

You are taking the first step now, probably after receiving a lot of advice and feeling uncertain.

I am here to help you using evidenced based interventions that will give you the tools and resources that are the most authentic to your life. As a strength and solutions based therapist, my approach is to listen without judging, and to meet you where you are.

I appreciate the value of counseling but I also work to make counseling affordable and accessible.""Is your child verbally or physically aggressive?

Do intense anger outbursts, temper tantrums or meltdowns reduce your quality of life?

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