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While we didn’t have one set up on the set this morning, I thought it would be a great blog topic.

You asked and here is the answer: A service plate is a large plate that is used for multi course meals.

At a casual meal, a service plate may not be included in the table setting, or can easily be substituted for the dinner plate or serving platter.

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Most people don’t intend to be rude on their smartphones. This is includes but is not limited to trimming (or removing) one’s bush, shaving one’s beard or legs, wearing deodorant and having fresh breath. This conversation should be had before entering the bedroom.A modern lady or gentlemen will always have a supply of condoms on hand. Bearing the scars of an interesting sexual history is nothing to be ashamed of and most situations can be solved creatively.Service plates can be made from fine china, wicker, or a variety of other materials.Here is a look at a couple of my own: Finally, I want to wish Chris and Allison a huge “Congratulations” on their new morning gig, taking over as anchors of KEYE-TV Morning News.

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