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You try to look her in the eyes, but quickly turn away. Keep that contact, make that stranger turn away first or smile at them and meet them! Such interaction teaches you to be at ease with the strangers, and it helps when approaching a cute girl at the bar! Getting caught and turning away This is even worse. You look at her, and suddenly she turns your way and catches you at it. The only way out of the situation is to maintain that eyes contact, smile and eventually come up to her and offer her a drink or say a joke.

It shows how unconfident you are and indicates you are afraid. If you are on a bus or the subway or at the store, find someone who looks you in the eyes and monitor for your reaction. You quickly turn away and pretend as if nothing happened.

First, take on a confident body language and ensure you have a command presence when you make your initial approach.

Keep your head up, relax your shoulders, hold your drink to the side (not in front of you like most guys do) and walk slowly. This is a very important aspect of learning how to approach women. The only way to learn is to practice, make mistakes, analyze, and repeat.

If that impression is bad, she'll likely be cold and disinterested, signaling her lack of enthusiasm by giving very short answers, looking away from you, or even ignoring you.

So how can we make sure this first impression is a good one?

The second frustrating thing is that if you approach WRONG, you look like a doofus. When you approach a girl for the first time, she will form an instant impression of you in a split second.

She is out there to have fun and to relax and get cheered up after her work. Overcome the fear of rejection There is not a chance that every girl you approach would say “yes”. So, overcome this fear, get it over with, accept it and go for it! Do it at the right moment If she is talking to someone or is surrounded by her friends, it’s not the best moment. Look at her and catch her gaze, smile and indicate your further intentions. ;) Not saying sports are bad, but having a broad range of interests is sexy, and being able to talk intelligently with a woman about said interests is going to get you far.If you’re worried about the idea of having broader interests outside of the typical “guy stuff” as not being “manly,” you are under a sad, sad illusion.And such emotions may easily cause you to make mistakes and fail miserably. If you doubt your looks or powers to charm the women when you are sober, just imagine what they think of you, when are you are drunk! Being self-centered Ladies often complain of men doing all the talk and being arrogant. Get to know her better to figure out if you even want to date the girl. They do most of the talking, and all they say is negative. If you are at your ease, you can experiment and rely on your luck, but if you are nervous, pull yourself up and focus on the words to say, when approaching her. Then you go back home and keep thinking about the whole thing. These dos and don’ts will help you to sort it out and succeed! Turning your eyes away This is inevitable if you feel intimidated by the lady at the bar. These guys have no problem approaching pretty girls, but they cannot keep them. She is not there to hear all about your work and your cars and your money, etc.

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