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The level of the Atlantic Ocean was lower at the end of the Ice Age, with fresh water locked up in the ice sheets of that era.The Virginia shoreline was far to the east, and much of the modern continental shelf was exposed above water.the English discovered Native Americans with different forms of dress, but in this portrayal the bag around the waist looks like the sporran worn by Scots with a kilt Source: Learn NC, Theodor de Brys engraving The Coniuerer (from Thomas Hariots 1588 book ) The cultural patterns of the first Virginians evolved substantially over time; technological change started long before the modern challenges of new computers and social media.The original small (perhaps just family-based) bands coalesced into organized groups capable of building large ceremonial burial mounds west of the Blue Ridge and in the upper Rivanna/Rappahannock river valleys.The individual leaders who controlled kinship-based towns and tribes also competed for prestige and power.

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They made canoes, floated the Virginia rivers, and even paddled across the Chesapeake Bay to the Eastern Shore.At the time of European arrival, one group of tribes centered along the York River was organized into what approximated a political state, with a paramount chief named Powhatan who exercised control over multiple tributary tribes.The structure of Powhatan's organization was based on more than kinship ties, but it is a stretch to call Powhatan's government an "empire" comparable to the political units in Europe that sponsored voyages of discovery.The first Virginians hunted elk, moose, deer, bear, bison (buffalo), wolves, perhaps even some mastodons and mammoths.Over the last 15,000 or so years, they developed or imported new tools, such as the atl-atl throwing stick and ultimately the bow-and-arrow, to accompany their earlier stone scrapers and points.

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