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Matthew and Luke both indicate that Jesus' birth occurred during the reign of Caesar Augustus (27 B. Three items are useful in dating Paul's life: James, the brother of Jesus, the head of the Jerusalem church and probable author of the book of James, was executed in 62 A. The high priest Ananus was responsible for the execution, as he had it done when Judea was briefly in between Roman governors [Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, 20.9.1]. Sunday was the third day after Friday to the ancients, though in modern times it would reckoned as the second day. The chronology of Paul's public ministry is acknowledged within about two years.We know from Clement, writing around 95 AD, and other church fathers, that Paul was executed sometime during the reign of Nero, which ended in 68 AD.And we know from Josephus that James was killed in 62 AD.Only the brief books of Jude and 2 John were not referenced, but they certainly had to have been written (Jude, being Jesus’ half-brother, was almost certainly dead by 100 AD and 2 John would have to be written because it came before 3 John, which is quoted by the church fathers.).The problem is that the destruction of the temple in 70 AD is not mentioned anywhere in the New Testament books.Jesus Christ prophesies this, yet there is no mention of its fulfillment.

Christian scholars aren’t the only ones who consider early dates on the New Testament documents. He wrote a book called , in which he posited that most New Testament books, including all four Gospels, were written sometime between 40 and 65 AD. in Business and a Certificate of Achievement in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. Even if it was an argument from silence, that doesn’t mean its wrong.70 AD marked the end of such a terrible war that Josephus—who himself surrendered to the Romans in 67 AD—called it the “greatest” war of all time.Luke records the deaths of two Christian martyrs (Stephen and James, the brother of John), but his history account ends with James, Jesus’ half-brother, and Paul still alive and well.Acts ends with Paul under house arrest in Rome and there’s no mention of James having died.

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