Dating sanaa manuscripts

Ḥusayn is prepared to listen to an audition, that is, the reading aloud of a text.In the ensuing hours, the scribe Ḥusayn will learn more about a book titled al-Tafṣīl li-jumal al-taḥṣīl (Detailed Explanation of the Entire Treatise), written by Sulaymān b. This is a commentary on another work – the Treatise – which, in turn, was written by al-Ḥasan al-Raṣṣāṣ (d.Not even a single letter has yielded to corruption during the passage of the centuries.And so it will remain forever, by the consent of Allah.

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These fragments consist of tiny snippets of the Quran to whole folios belonging to some 926 copies of the Quran.

To date, only a small portion of the fragments have been published, and it is unknown when the rest will be published.

ʿAlī, a Yemeni scholar, sits with one leg folded under him and a sheet of paper on his knee.

Next to him sit other scholars, all of them gathered in one of Southern Arabia’s bigger cities, Sanaa, in 1214.

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