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Adlake does continue to produce a few of its lanterns and parts, but these are not the original Adlake heavy duty lanterns.They are lighter duty lanterns, designed mostly for show or display.It also had an optional thicker carry handle made from wood or hard rubber.It originally came with an Adlake 400 burner, which was most likely added years later.This lantern was most likely used for signaling by a brakeman or conductor with this type of handle.

This one still was fairly rusted when I got it and was sandblasted down to bare metal.

One of the most mass produced of the lanterns was the Adlake "Kero" lantern.

A term used to described Adlakes short globe design that was used generally from 1921 through the 1970s.

It appeared to have been unfired when I got it, which is not unheard of with a lantern from this late in the lantern era.

Railroads commonly purchased lanterns through the 1960s and even 1970s with the intent to store them as back up lighting to the battery powered lanterns that were now common then.

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