Dating someone who was sexually abused as a child

"It's very hard to be a partner with someone who has been sexually abused as a child," says Janice Palm, executive director of Shepherd's Counseling Services in Seattle. Based on this early lesson, he may instinctively avoid closeness as an adult.

Emotionally distant When a child is abused by a person he trusts, Palm says, he learns that intimacy is dangerous, that attachment will hurt.

She said that she has PTSD and is afraid she would never want to stop hurting herself.

She did not go into what kind of abuse she suffered.

Palm, whose center runs one of the few therapy groups in the country for partners of sexual abuse survivors, describes a pattern of behavior with the telltale sign of pervasive unavailability.

Sexually absent Many survivors lose interest in sex completely. (Partners will complain, "He's very loving and attentive, but when we start to get sexual, he just goes blank.

Suddenly, one day after our best weekend yet, she became a completely different person.

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If you have been falsely accused of abusing someone please post in the For Those Falsely Accused of Abusing thread.Individual and group therapy are effective (check out Male for a directory of specialists).If he doesn't want to attend, remind him that when he's ready, you'll support him.That may mean finding your own therapist for support.Forum rules You are entering a forum that contains discussions of abuse, some of which are explicit in nature.

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