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This is especially important when dating vintage suits, because often vintage suits would have the alteration alteration date marked on a separate tag within the suit.The date on the alteration tag can only be after the date of the ACWA tag and any garment that is not so can not be an authentic vintage garment.As a result, despite the 19 years of opposition with the AFL, ACWA finally gained the AFL recognition as an affiliate in 1933.In 1935, while still leading the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America and a member of the AFL, Sidney Hillman founded the Committee of Industrial Organizing (CIO) with the leaders of seven other AFL affiliate unions.'So may I introduce to you ' - One of the UK's leading Beatles tribute bands..... Box 179 Little Silver, NJ 07739-0179 USA (732) 219-1988, Fax (732) 219-5940 Gary [email protected] are Stafford's largest collector's shop, offering a huge range of deleted vinyl records, cds, videos and music-related memorabilia.Musically, no detail is overlooked to re-create the true sound and excitement of The Beatles, with every song performed totally live and in its original key. We started out supplying collectors in the Stafford area and now supply vinyl records and CDs world-wide to collectors, musicians and TV companies.Each of these tags was associated with a specific time period that identifies when the earliest time the item could have been manufactured.Please keep in mind that these dates represent the earliest time when the clothing could have been manufactured not the time when these item was sold.

The strike expanded to city wide, 45,000 member garment workers strike in Chicago resulting in a division in the UGW membership.

Additionally, manufactures used all issued labels before starting the next issued series.

It is not certain but believed that prior to joining the AFL in 1933, The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America were not required to include a label with items that were manufactured by ACWA.

These tags will stil have the copyright date of 1949 on the right hand side.

In later years, the numbering on the left was changed to black instead of red.

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