Dating website for nerds

While you might meet people on this site, the chances aren’t very good they’ll share your gamer interests.

– This site is part of the Tangowire network, which provides a whole bunch of niche dating networks.

Your chances of success in a relationship increase if you take decent care of yourself, know a bit about the world around you, and are a caring, interesting person.

– Geeks can go on unique, fun dates that non-geeks typically don’t think of.

– This site skews a little younger than OK Cupid, and the users are pretty active compared to most dating sites.

While there isn’t much geared specifically towards geeks and gamers, users have a high degree of interactivity with one another.

So your goal on these sites should be to express your interests early. If not, the site makes it easy to quickly meet new people. – This site is geared towards those looking for a serious relationship, so you don’t really have an opportunity to list your specific geeky interests in a profile.

Many geeks find greater success with the bigger, more traditional dating sites.

There are specific tactics you might want to use, however, to make your results more appealingly geeky.

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