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” Nagoski pointed me to a 12-year study of same-sex couples by eminent marriage therapist Dr.John Gottman, which concluded that all couple types - straight or gay - have many of the same issues and the same paths to staying happy together.Online chatting offers hundreds of opportunities for those searching for a person to make their heart beat faster.Here you will find plenty of lovely singles for enjoyable chatting.

In general, says Kort, women tend to focus on emotional intimacy, while men can be more emotionally distant.But Gottman’s research also indicated that gay/lesbian couples are more upbeat in the face of conflict and, compared to straight couples, use more affection and humor when they bring up a disagreement."When it comes to emotions, we think these couples may operate with very different principles than straight couples,” says Gottman.Choose, a flirting chat site that could be the best you will ever try.Come and discover a new chapter of your life where you have a loving someone.

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