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They lived in this region for almost four hundred years being physically separated from Rome with no communication with the Holy See.

Because they were isolated, the Maronites did not take part in the Schism and always remained faithful to the Church in Rome.

As I began to learn more about all the different “churches” within the Catholic Church, I was delighted to see the great variety of expression of the faith we actually have.

Most importantly, I soon found my true spiritual home is within the Maronite Church as I connected with the liturgy, spirituality and the community in a way I never had in the Roman Rite Mass.

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One does not have to travel far in Lebanon in order to reach a monastery, and the majority of people could get to one on foot.

It was not until the arrival of the Crusaders, however, that they were able to reestablish communication with the Holy Father and the Catholic Church at large.

Once they were reconnected, the Vatican gave them formal permission to remain in their tradition as the Maronite Church A unique aspect of the Maronite Church is that she is the only Catholic Church who identifies herself with a person other than Jesus Christ.

My mother is one of thirteen children raised in a devout Catholic family.

My father grew up on a dairy farm and was baptized and raised Presbyterian.

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