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Their military organization made them one of the strongest ethnic groups in the Horn of Africa between the twelfth and nineteenth centuries.Gada was a form of constitutional government and also a social system.Oromia is considered the richest region of the Horn of Africa because of its agricultural and natural resources.It is considered by many to be the "breadbasket" of the Horn.The gada government worked on local, regional, and central levels.The political philosophy of the gada system was embodied in three main principles: terms of eight years, balanced opposition between parties, and power sharing between higher and lower levels.Although Oromos have their own unique culture, history, language, and civilization, they are culturally related to Afars, Somalis, Sidamas, Agaws, Bilens, Bejas, Kunamas, and other groups.

Oromia is also rich in gold, silver, platinum, marble, uranium, nickel, natural gas, and other mineral resources.It has several large and small rivers used for agriculture and for producing hydroelectric power. Afaan Oromoo has more than thirty million speakers.Ethnic groups such as the Sidama, Berta, Adare, Annuak, Koma, Kulo, Kaficho, and Guraghe speak the Oromo language in addition to their own languages.These checks and balances were created to prevent misuse of power.The goverment's independent executive, legislative, and judicial branches also were a way of balancing power.

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