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It will produce spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel format.My intention is to make EDGAR faster, more reliable and easier to use and to make the output more convenient.For instance, units may be pots to which different fertilisers are applied or petri dishes in which you put different media or growth rooms in which you have different environmental conditions.In an experiment involving different genotypes, you obviously can't choose the genotype of any particular plant; here, the experimental unit could be considered to be the space in the growth cabinet, glasshouse or field plot in which you decide to put a particular genotype.This section gives a brief overview of the principles of good experimental design.However, it is not intended to be a substitute for personal advice or for a statistics textbook.Other experiments may involve doing something to a set of different samples in order - extracting RNA or scoring microscope slides, for example.The experimental unit here is the slot in the time sequence in which you work on each sample.

Experimental treatments are whatever it is that you control in the experiment.and its dependencies (I don't think there are many) and it should do the job.I've used it myself to generate simple spreadsheets in XLSX format, and it's all in PL/SQL.News (13/6/05): The server which ran the old versions of the EDGAR programmes has now been switched off. My purpose in writing EDGAR is to help users of the programme to design their experiments in such a way that the subsequent analysis of the data is comparatively straightforward.EDGAR is written so that you can access it via the Internet.

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