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All through my childhood I was taller than all the girls I knew and most of the boys too.

I was most definitely the ugly duckling at school, all gangly arms and legs, not graceful at all.

There were four of them, but it was clear that the only one who mattered was Richard Stirling, the owner of the company. The Internet is a great resource and you can find almost anything when you put the right terms into a search engine. I attended only a handful of them, but it was the same every time. Stirling would look me up and down, smile and then ignore me throughout the meeting. Hanson didn I discovered that the Wallinghurst Pony Club had two types of guest invitations.

There were the ones for owners and trainers, and that was the type that Mr. The other type was for Young Women of Good Breeding who were excited and serious about being considered as a candidate for taking part in the clubt much more information and none of the pictures were available having never been captured by the web spider.

In the end I settled on a summer dress and sun hat with matching handbag and sensible shoes Mr.

Hanson was true to his word and picked me up at on the dot.

And as far as I could tell none of them exhibited the level of humiliation that they ought to.

It did though make it clear that candidates were expected to deport themselves appropriately and that time-wasters were strongly discouraged. Clearly there was no way that William was going to get an invitation. Hanson then it would have to be me, and in order to do it I would have to pretend to be eager to join the club as a participant.

I decided that I could go along as a candidate, make sure everything went smoothly and then t really been sure what to wear, casual was definitely out of the question, but then I thought so was business attire.

We follow her as she finds the shocking truth of what a ponygirl really is and discovers what it means to be member.

What will she put up with to keep her secret intact and will she know to stop before it is too late?

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