Hepc dating

When you decide to share your diagnosis, be prepared for reactions and questions that may seem offensive or ignorant.Try to remember that you have begun to get to know this person because you found them to be a wonderful person and try to keep in mind that their reaction may come from a place of confusion, lack of knowledge, and worry about you, someone they have begun to care about too.

It is important to remember that you may be telling someone about your diagnosis who has never heard of hepatitis C or who may think it is something very different than it actually is.

Although they may ask these questions, you can always tell them that you prefer not to answer, however doing so may make it difficult for them to truly understand your experience and what you want them to know.

Rather than refusing to answer a question, you may find it better to ask why they are asking, so you can understand what their thoughts are and address them, even if you choose to do so without sharing information you may prefer to keep to yourself.

Be prepared to give your date some basic information about the treatment, symptoms, and ways it is spread.

This is a good time to talk about your lifestyle and how it is different because of the virus.

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