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Visiting Buenos Aires, you will experience a sort of "deja vù" of Europe while you explore the grand boulevards, expansive parks, magnificent architecture, and ever-changing fashion of Argentina's beautiful capital.

We encourage you to take a gay walk through Buenos Aires neighborhoods like Recoleta, Palermo (Soho, Hollywood, Las Cañitas), and San Telmo you'll be persuaded that you're in the Paris 16th District.

The media started to call it the gay mecca of Latin America.

In 2002 same sex civil unions were approved in Buenos Aires.It may appear in some areas to be a civilized city with an European scent, but you will soon notice porteño`s evident behavior.Specially in issues like the traffic (they drive like hell, I think that was inherited from Italians / Spaniards), the warm way they live their relationships with family and friends (Porteños boys give a kiss to greet other males -not only gay guys, even straight ones kiss each other in the cheek-), the passionate way they speak using their hands to talk, the importance they gave to family and friends, and principally the social and political structure of this beautiful city.This is probably one of the most open-minded cities in Latin America.It has also a unique European feel, and used to be very cheap because of the crisis (inflation in the last years has made it a more expensive destination).

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