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However, she revealed that the green hair colour was a complete co-incidence. And then every time I washed it, it started to change and it slowly faded. The 6’-tall teenager loves to pound the ball from the baseline and her explosive groundshots make her one of the biggest hitters in the sport.When asked if she had specifically got the green streaks done for Belarus’ maiden Fed Cup final appearance, Sabalenka had a surprising tale to narrate. She also has a booming serve that she uses quite effectively to her advantage.Watch out for her in the future as she looks all set to keep soaring.

She enjoys the travel that the sport brings and has already played in various ITF events across the globe. I like to watch cinema, I like to walk around in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus was one of the biggest ranking movers of 2016, rising from No 548 in the world to 155.

But her incredible ascent largely went under the radar as she had mainly competed on the ITF circuit and had won two ,000 titles in Asia.

”We have cameras (while practice), so we watch my videos and try to find somethings to improve and we have a lot of training sessions. That is important.” Tennis love Her love and passion for tennis clearly shone through when she spoke about the sport. Tennis life, the way it is, you have to grow up early.

“Before matches, my coach watches my opponents' videos and then he tells me what to do, how to play against someone. When asked what shot in her arsenal is her strongest, she replied: “I hope all my shots can be strong, but my serve, I feel is the best. In her candid chat, Sabalenka’s hunger to improve and her desire for success stood out. This sport is such that you have to start early, and learn from a young age to have as much experience (as possible),” she spoke with a maturity well beyond her age.

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