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so i stood there for a little while just drunk and thinking of somethign to do. so i pet the top of her head and said her name gently. so then i tapped her head and said he name louder and still nothing. i slowly slide my hands down the front of her blouse and felt her soft milf tits....i thought to myself i wonder how much i can get away with. i stood behind her and looked down her low cut blouse. btw she was brunnet, about 5'5", big DD tits a fat ass and a little bit of a belly but she is 45 its ok. i eventually just pulled her shirt down so her tits were just out for me too look at.i pushed her into the sofa and i throw her legs over my shoulders.she was grabbing my back and ass pulling me into her deeper and deeper.i got down on my knees and took her nipple into my mouth.

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thinking quick in a joking way "just having some fun, u looked so sexy just sleeping there".he looks over and sees me watching and says "hey man y dont u go make some food" meaning "im trying to fuck get the fuck out" i take the hint and go way up the stairs i hear his gf moaning and i got a little i get up stairs and i check his fridge, nothing but bullshit. i turn around and see his mom sitting on the sofa watching tv. i finally walk up behind the sofa and i look down at her.My wife and I had a short time to talk before I had to leave for work.First of all she thinks the husband is cute and indeed wants to fuck him, which I told her was fine by me.

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