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If you can help identify one of them, click on the appropriate “Answer this...” link.

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Eventually I decided the only way to be sure was to buy a bottle!

Finally have made up my mind that I do like this perfume.

While out doing some shopping I had a chance to try a spray.

I don't know if this sample i am using is a vintage or the reformulated one. it’s powerful, it’s animalic and it smells like the walk of shame after a particularly interesting one night stand.

Visitors to this site often contact us when they can't remember the title of a period drama that they have seen.

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Well, it seems I’m definitely narrowing in on my preferences.

I like a lot of older classic fragrances, but I think maybe oakmoss will only be my jam in Mitsouko, or if it’s subtle, or only paired with rose...

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    Accompanied by her twenty-one year old sister Georgi, Stassi cried and opened up about her broken heart. Like don’t make it a drinking game to take a shot every time you hear her say it because you’d be dead three minutes into the podcast. The Vanderpump Rules star begins, “I’ve been trying to find the will to do this podcast because I’m just sad, and I really don’t have anything to say that’s just uplifting.

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    Every time we went out there, every single person recommended Dr Surrey.

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