Internet dating mc lars

In the gospel according to 23-year-old MC Lars, Hot Topic is not punk rock, Internet dating is totally weird, “music was a product, now it is a service,” and emo and crunk are frustratingly formulaic.MC Lars — educated in the school of Ivy knocks, Stanford and Oxford — is the Ad Rock of his generation, spitting rhymes and cultural observations that are both absurdly comical and strangely astute.This, however, is followed by Generic Crunk Rap." It opens "This popular sub-genre is brought to you by materialism.We'd like to thank Bentley, Alize champagne, and Sean Jean clothing.

With a fake band, Hearts That Hate, providing a generic emo chorus between verses, this is a Lars classic."Six Degrees of Kurt Cobain" is interesting on the first listen, but loses its appeal after a few times.A few tracks hold this back from being a five star album, but for longstanding fans, it's a great piece of work, showing more of the artist behind the songs, while still offering the clever looks at our society that you'd expect form Lars.Record Man, the joke’s on you / Running your label like it was 1982 / Hey, Mr.Record Man, your system can’t compete / It’s the new artist model, file transfer complete.” In fact, a sizeable chunk of The Graduate is dedicated to taking jabs at the music industry, and to prove he knows what he’s talking about, Lars tries his hand at method rhyming.

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