Intimidating male actors

Johnny Sins was born on February 13, 1979 in Pennsylvania.

He is approximately six feet tall and weighs around 175 pounds. Johnny takes his job very seriously which makes his scenes even more tempting and intimidating.

Johnny has played all types of scenes from a naughty dentist to a volleyball referee to a sequin wearing cowboy!

He has had the privilege of shooting hardcore scenes with some of the most well known ladies of porn.

Olivier was bi, Miohael York is at least bi, and I didn't know that Ralph Richardson was gay. jeremy northam - gay, gay, gay, gay, gayswinging/bi Jude law - primrose hill swinging set ewan mcgregor - if it's a hole it'll do jason issacs - ambitious bugger Leslie Howard was so UNgay that he said of his soldier costumes for Gone With The Wind that he hated them because they made him look like the "fag bellman at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel" (paraphrasing.) Make-up was specially ordered for him so that Ashley Wilkes appeared younger. Hence the curled and lightened hair and rouged cheeks that made him appear even MORE fey than usual.

gary cady - hubba hubba christopher parker - gay, but he sues - prat!

It is obvious that he spends a lot of time on his perfectly sculpted, tanned, and hairless body.

It strains credulity, however, to imagine that they have been gay lovers since their teens. I'm just laughing and laughing at you poor deluded dears, because all these men you've listed are straight.Lets repeat the famous story here in the UK of Spacey out walking his dog at 4 a.m. Love the John Fraser book-now he really fucks and tells! He will not be known as the first openly gay Dr Who. Sir Ian Mc Kellan came out much later in his career and in any event we are not comparing like with a local park and losing his mobile phone to a teenager who asked to borrow it and then bolted - seems Kevin tripped over the dog while chasing the kid and got a black eye ...... Lots of those great English character actors like Denis Price, Richard Wattis etc. I was a student at the RSAMD with David Tennant in Glasgow, have worked with him very occasionally over the years since, and he is utterly delightful, great fun and quietly gay.Ken Branagh/Emma Thompson - bi (for the please please please poster), Richard E.Grant and Jeremy Irons - surprisingly straight, Jeremy Northam - definitely gay, Alan Rickman - conflicting reports and none of them reliable, SIR Ben Kingsley - straight and a miserable excuse for a human being.

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