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Just participated in a cool guidebook on new year’s resolutions a friend recently launched, and thought I’d share some of my savings challenges I included in it. You know, in case you’re still looking for some resolutions despite all 10,000 of us bloggers posting about them this week ;) Here they are: That may sound funny as you’re focusing on money going out rather than coming in, but I guarantee you after the first few days you’ll start double-thinking all those purchases you’re about to make.

And by the end of the 30 days you’ll have saved a lot more than you would have without tracking!

(Plus, a bonus is you’ll get a much better understanding of your money the longer you keep it up, which will help you further than most anything else you can do!

) Similar to idea #1, the deal here is to consciously get you to pay attention to each and every transaction you’re making.

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But Richardson and the Seahawks should know better.The game itself was a great coming out party for the Jaguars and really showed the fighting spirit of the Seahawks, who turned a lopsided loss into a close one.But the actions of the Jacksonville fans and the Seattle players marred it. You spend a lot of money on your tickets, but that does not entitle you to throw things on the field.That’s dangerous to not only the on field personnel, but the fans around you.

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    According to Isaiah Berlin, Romanticism embodied "a new and restless spirit, seeking violently to burst through old and cramping forms, a nervous preoccupation with perpetually changing inner states of consciousness, a longing for the unbounded and the indefinable, for perpetual movement and change, an effort to return to the forgotten sources of life, a passionate effort at self-assertion both individual and collective, a search after means of expressing an unappeasable yearning for unattainable goals." The group of words with the root "Roman" in the various European languages, such as "romance" and "Romanesque", has a complicated history, but by the middle of the 18th century "romantic" in English and romantique in French were both in common use as adjectives of praise for natural phenomena such as views and sunsets, in a sense close to modern English usage but without the amorous connotation.

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