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Their blood-red eyes burn with hatred, and are so sensitive to light that the creatures shrink from the harsh glare of the sun, much preferring to remain in dark, subterranean places or to roam about at night.

More than a few orc tribes hold long-standing grudges against one another due to the murder of great chiefs and the consequent lost opportunities to invade civilized lands.

it's a sword has imagined swinging it at an orc and lopping off the imaginary foe's head.

The foul creatures are so ubiquitous that every farm and village in every corner of the world has heard some tale of the green-skinned marauders sweeping down from the hills or bubbling up out of the deep places of the earth to overrun the land and destroy everything in their path.

Fortunately for everyone else, orcs are usually too disorganized to realize this fantasy.

Bestial and heavily muscled, orcs stand roughly 6 feet tall.

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