Is omar epps dating sanaa

She’s smart, free-thinking and all about positivity.

Among her friends, she’s the one who always tries to keep the peace.

He loves to party, bar hop, attend galleries and go pretty much anywhere beautiful women will be.

*Jackson is named after the character played by Morris Chestnut in the movie, The Brothers. It may sound impossible, but Jordan is a woman who loves taking on challenges.

She has a flourishing career, her girls around to make her laugh, and well, she’s beautiful. *Jordan is named after the character played by Nia Long in the movie, The Best Man.

, is a kind-hearted young lady who’s just trying to figure out life.

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*Alicia is named after the character played by Malinda Williams in the movie, The Wood.She’s an entrepreneur and supportive girlfriend who holds both her man and her business down.Alicia is a smart, levelheaded person who fully dedicates herself to the things that are most important to her.Some would call her brutal, but her friends find her hilarious.She and Monica met shortly after she moved to New York and are now roommates.

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