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Passive constructions are confusing when used in regulations. DON'T SAY: The fine for driving without a license shall be .00. If you can accurately express an idea either positively or negatively, express it positively.Active sentences must have actors, but passive ones are complete without them. SAY: The fine for driving without a license is .00. DON'T SAY: The Governor may not appoint persons other than those qualified by the Personnel Management Agency. DON'T WALKDON'T SMOKE But avoid several negatives in one sentence.SAY: Each automobile owner must register his or her automobile with the Automobile Division of the Metropolitan Police Department. Arrange sentences so that parallel ideas look parallel. Nonparallel construction: The duties of the Executive Secretary of the Administrative Committee are: 12. Government writing should be dignified, but doesn't have to be pompous. It is possible to choose words in our writing that do not make the wrong impression or antagonize our readers. Administrative writing uses too many noun clusters -- groups of nouns "sandwiched" together.Don't use the same word to denote different things. Writing can be dignified when the language is simple, direct, and strong. Use words to which people react favorably rather than words that they resent. Avoid these confusing constructions by using more prepositions.Marijuana advocates trumpet tax-collection numbers to show that the industry is pouring millions of dollars into state budgets.“It is the last domino that has to fall for us to be treated like any other business in the country,” said Tim Cullen, a co-owner of five marijuana shops in Colorado. Cullen said, he attaches a cover letter to his tax returns explaining what kind of business he runs.

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They say it brings them out of the shadows and distinguishes them from the black market. We’d like to be treated as such.”But every year, Mr.

The wording of the tax laws and their interpretation since states began to legalize medical marijuana has allowed businesses to deduct the expenses of wholesale marijuana or growing the plant, from the price of the seeds or baby plants to the water and growing lights needed to produce it.

Only when retailers go to sell those buds, brownies or marijuana-infused drinks do the tax restrictions kick in.

To impose a legal obligation, use "must."To predict future action, use "will."DON'T SAY: The Governor shall approve it. SAY: The Governor must appoint a person qualified by the Personnel Management Agency. DON'T SAY: A demonstration project will not be approved unless all application requirements are met.

SAY: A demonstration project will be approved only if the applicant meets all requirements. If possible, state a rule or category directly rather than describing that rule or category by stating its exceptions.

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