John ritter on the dating game

Then, he had the opportunity to work with former "Hearts Afire" (1992) actor Billy Bob Thornton, in the movie, Sling Blade (1996), in which Ritter played the gay manager of a department store and Thornton was "Karl Childers", a institutionalized man who was hospitalized since the childhood murder of his mother and her lover.

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On this sitcom, he played "John Hartman", who was an aide to a senator whose life was also complicated by his girlfriend's father, and Billy Bob Thornton played "Billy Bob Davis".When it debuted as a mid-season replacement, it became a ratings hit, like many other sitcoms of the 70s, and it focused mainly on his character, "Jack Tripper", an admirable chef who lived in an apartment with two attractive ladies, while pretending to be gay.Before playing "Jack Tripper" on the small screen, he also made his box office debut in the movie Nickelodeon (1976).He changed his major to Theater Arts, graduating in 1971 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drama.He also studied acting with Stella Adler at the Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop.

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