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So while Vermont has the gold medal in every respect, the (usually) shorter lift lines, closer parking and lower ticket costs give New Hampshire at least a place on the podium. If you are interested in that topic at all, I recommend Lost Ski Areas of the White Mountains by my friend Jeremy Davis of NELSAP fame. Whittier, and a host of smaller areas that built New Hampshire as America's first destination ski region.

And yes, back in the day it beat Vermont in every category. If the ski resort business interests you, I strongly recommend a book by Hal Clifford called Downhill Slide: Why the Corporate Ski Industry is Bad for Skiing, Ski Towns, and the Environment.

Hotshots are skiers who can ski anywhere, anytime, in any conditions, and generally enjoy showing off those skills.

Wanderers are skiers who like to go exploring, to essentially get "lost" and move from face to face, seldom skiing the same trail twice.

• Current New Hampshire Snow Totals Map of snowfall during the past 24 hours, as well as a map of actual current natural snow cover.) and will attempt to verify the legitimacy of the claim.Show your passion for doing it up and keeping it real with a free "Old School" sticker for your helmet, or your board, or whatever.Generally shorter verticals, and a lot less skiable acreage. For skiing purists who want challenging terrain, the big guns in New Hampshire are Cannon and Wildcat.It has less snowmaking, fewer trails, shorter runs. Vermont has Jay, Stowe, Smuggs, Mad River Glen, Sugarbush, Pico and Killington.

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