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O’Donnell was incensed.‘It was pretty late at night,’ Chelsea said. She [O’Donnell] had spyware on my phone so she could see pretty much everything I did.‘She called me into her room and asked me about the tattoo.I denied it.‘She asked me to take off my clothes - she didn’t know where it was - to show her and I refused.‘She picked up a wine bottle and started chasing me, trying to take off my clothes.

The teen later suffered a miscarriage and claims her mother never visited her in the hospital and took away her car after her ordeal Chelsea said that O’Donnell hit her older brother, Parker, with a dictionary when he was a teenager.‘Everybody [in the family] talked about it and now they joke about it,’ Chelsea said.‘I guess she didn’t like that and thought that I would end up leaving on my own eventually, so she told me to leave.‘I was gone for a week and she knew where I was.The week after I left, she told everyone that I was missing and went to the police.’On August 18, O’Donnell posted a message to her website about her concern for her daughter who she said had run away from home.‘Nyack, New York police authorities have been looking for her in the Rockland County area since Sunday, August 16. She was wearing a black sweatshirt hoodie, dark ripped blue jeans, women's grey converse sneakers and a black backpack.magazine just published its seventh annual “Power List” of the most powerful gay people in America, which means it’s time for my seventh annual list of The Most Powerful Lesbian Moms in America—as seen, I’m thrilled to say, in the list.If I could come up with over 100 powerful people who were not only women, but also moms, I thought, surely they could include more women overall.

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