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The director's response didn't address the key issue at heart — an option for an X designation so Mac Kinnon and others who are not male or female have a way to identify."It felt a little bit dismissive in terms of what I was asking for, especially as in my letter I talked about how this was a human rights issue," Mac Kinnon said.

He hopes the bill will be passed before the beginning of June and come into effect in July.

Mac Kinnon admits they were nervous going into Wednesday's announcement and hopes this doesn't become a controversial issue in Manitoba.

They pointed to other governments in Canada that have already taken action on the matter, including Newfoundland and Labrador and the Northwest Territories, which now have X options available.

"The NDP, in its history, never failed to create a wedge issue and division where actually unity would have been better," Pallister said.

"I would also encourage him to respect the traditions of this place by introducing bills in this chamber so that we can look at them before he takes them out for a public relations exercise somewhere else."The Manitoba Legislature is the first in Canada to introduce gender-neutral washrooms, Pallister said, arguing that is evidence of his government taking action on the issues Kinew raised.

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