Matt and rebecca dating

When Rebekah comes to Matt to apologize, he tells her to go away.

Later, Rebekah meets Damon and hooks up with him because she's disappointed about Matt.

Matt says that he's just a busboy and she says that he's so beautifully human.

When Rebekah learns Elena plans to kill Bonnie, she warns Matt.

Later, Matt discovers that April Young has become friends with Rebekah and tells her that he finds it hard to believe that Rebekah has any friends.

When Matt walks away, Rebekah tells April, who is staring at him as he walks away, "Hey, off limits.

In The Murder of One, the Salvatores plan to kill the Originals, and one of the plans is to use Matt to kill Rebekah, though they later run into Finn and change their plan into just daggering Finn.

Matt puts vervain in Sage and Finn's drinks; luring Finn outside to be staked.

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In Dangerous Liaisons, Rebekah invited Matt to her family's ball as her dancing partner.

In Heart of Darkness, Matt is busy keeping Rebekah involved in the 20's Decade Dance preparations so that Caroline gets a day off to meet with Tyler.

He gives Rebekah a ride back to Klaus' Mansion and is sweet to her when he drops her off.

He agreed and danced the traditional waltz with her.

Later, Rebekah convinces Kol to kill Matt to make Elena suffer.

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