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Malaysia has a dual-track legal system comprised of civil courts running in parallel with Islamic Sharia courts where Muslim Malays can be tried on religious and moral charges.Sharia is imposed only on Muslims and deals with moral and family matters.The Islamic sharia courts operate in parallel to civil courts here but apply specifically to Muslims.According to Reuters: “Islamic courts have authority over the country's Muslims.See Separate Article JUSTICE SYSTEM IN MALAYSIA: CANING, HANGING AND ENGLISH COMMON LAW The sharia system, which issues rulings under Islamic law, is composed of a high court and courts in each state.A system of superior and subordinate courts handles civil and criminal law.Sharia is applied on some matters throughout the country and has been applied in a more extreme manner in two Malaysian states, Kelantan and Terengganu.

In some states unmarried Muslim couples caught in hotel rooms can be charged, while believers seen eating in the daytime during the fasting month of Ramadan can be fined.

Superior courts include the Federal Court, the Court of Appeals, and two High Courts.

Shariah courts administer the personal affairs of Muslims, while civil courts govern Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and other religious minorities.

There are laws in Malaysia’s more Islamic states that state anyone who misses Friday prayers three weeks in a row can be punished by six months in jail.

Smoking, drinking or eating on Ramadan carry a jail term up to one year.

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